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PRRSV NA/EU TYP ELISA product photo
PRRSV NA/EU TYP ELISA product photo
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Ordernumber: 847-0104000121
Manufacturer: AJ Roboscreen GmbH
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Product Information


  • Veterinary diagnostic tool for PRRSV antibody differentiation in pig sera
  • Faster and easier handling in combination with the highest level of diagnostic performance
  • Positive and negative controls for type 1 EU (European type) and type 2 NA (North American type)
  • Standardized ELISA format on immunostrips for flexible application depending on emerging sample throughput


The PRRSV NA/EU TYP ELISA enables a highly sensitive and fast antibody differentiation for type 1 EU (European type) and type 2 NA (North American type) of the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) in pig sera. Due to the application of an exactly defined and in regards to type 1 and 2 specificity exceptionally well differentiating antigen mixture that is coated on the immunostrips, it is possible to exactly match the PRRSV positive antibody response to the respective PRRSV type. Control cavities coated with NA and EU as well as negative controls without specific antibody against PRRSV serve as cross-check of all investigated reactions and guarantee a valid test result. Bound antibodies are detected using HRP antibody complex and subsequent ready-to-use TMB/H2O2 staining solution.

Detail Description

     1. Ready-to-use: Immunostrips coated with PRRSV antigen for NA- and EU- virus type
 2. Binding of Anti-PRSSV antibody following incubation with sample
 3. Direct detection via HRP-conjugate Anti-pig antibody using TMB
Starting material for analysisSerum
Duration of analysis2.5 h
Storage / Stability of assay12 months at 2 - 10°C
DetectionDirect ELISA
TargetPRRSV type 1 and 2
Additional performance featureSensitivity and specificity 100%, Precision 90 - 95 %
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Clinical validation data of the PRRSV TYP NA/EU ELISA applying 56 positive for PRRSV tested field sera.  
Positive tested pig sera using the PRRSV CHECK ELISA (847-0104000120) were investigated with respect to type 1 and 2 using the PRRSV NA/EU TYP ELISA. All sera were correctly verified against PRRSV NA or EU antigens. 
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Scope of delivery / Kit components

Immunostrips, Positive controls, Negative controls, Wash buffer, Dilution buffer, HRP-conjugates, TMB Substrate solution, Stop solution, Sealing foil, Manual

Storage conditions / Stability / Delivery

The ELISA should be stored dry at 2 - 10 °C and is stable under these conditions for 12 months.