PRRSV CHECK ELISA product photo
PRRSV CHECK ELISA product photo
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Manufacturer: AJ Roboscreen GmbH
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  • Veterinary diagnostic tool for qualitative determination of antibodies against PRRSV type 1 and 2
  • Improved processing in combination with the highest level of diagnostic performance due to ready-to-use staining solution and more durable controls
  • 100% sensitivity and specificity: Reliable detection of weak positive and exclusion of false negative
  • Standardized ELISA format on immunostrips for flexible application depending on emerging sample throughput


The porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) represents one of the most serious threats for the herd status and profitability of pig farms. For reduction of this risk the PRRSV CHECK ELISA symbolizes a new test generation for processing of sera and vaccine sera by its simple and convenient performance. The direct ELISA for quantification of PRRSV type 1 and 2 enable a diagnostic quality that achieves exceptional results in terms of specificity and sensitivity. The exceptional stability of the assay is reflected by the usage of a fixed cutoff enabling a user-friendly interpretation of data by means of the measured optical density values. Furthermore, the latest ring trail, conducted by GD Animal Health, highlighted the special performance of the PRRSV Check ELISA compared to the gold standard demonstrating no need for any compromises.

Detail Description

    1. Ready-to-use: Immunostrips coated with PRRSV antigen for NA- and EU- virus type 
2. Binding of Anti-PRSSV antibody following incubation with sample
3. Direct detection via HRP-conjugate Anti-pig antibody using TMB
Starting material for analysisSerum
Duration of analysisSerum: 135 min
Storage / Stability of assay12 months at 2 - 10 °C
DetectionDirect ELISA
TargetPRRSV type 1 and 2
Additional performance featureSensitivity and specificity 100 %, Precision 90 - 95%
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Weight incl. packaging (may differ)500.0 g
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Clinical validation data of the PRRSV CHECK ELISAs exemplary for 120 determined serum samples. The exceptional stability of the assay and the usage of fixed cutoffs enable a user-friendly and fast data analysis.  
Verification of positive (n=90) and negative sera (n=30). A sensitivity and specificity of 100 % was determined.

The PRRSV CHECK ELISA also participated within the 2015 International PTS for PRRSV antibody detection in serum consisting of 10 sera of different origins. In total, different laboratories from 25 countries participated; 69 used the ELISA of competitor I, 15 used other methods among them the PRRSV CHECK ELISA (Lab code #2172).

The table lists the results of 69 laboratorys participating with the assay of competitor I. Remarkable is, that none of the laboratorys determined sample #5 as weak positive.
The figure shows results achieved with Analytik Jena’s PRRSV CHECK ELISA. Compared to the market leader product, the PRRSV CHECK ELISA equally stated all found samples as positive, including weak positives and additionally detected a 1:32 diluted sample. This emphasizes the exceptional sensitivity of the PRRSV CHECK ELISA.
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Scope of delivery / Kit components

Immunostrips, Positive controls, Negative controls, Wash buffer, Dilution buffer, HRP-conjugates, TMB Substrate solution, Stop solution, Sealing foil, Manual

Storage conditions / Stability / Delivery

The ELISA should be stored dry at 2 - 10 °C and is stable under these conditions for 12 months.