innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi DNA Kit product photo
innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi DNA Kit product photo
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innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi DNA Kit

Ordernumber: 845-KS-1510010
Manufacturer: AJ Innuscreen GmbH
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Product Information


  • Optimum isolation of genomic DNA from gram+ bacteria, yeast and fungal spores
  • ƒƒIncludes Lysis Tubes with application-specific beads for highly efficient homogenization with a SpeedMill (or other homogenizers)
  • ƒƒEffective sample disruption for extremely high DNA yields
  • ƒƒHigh-quality DNA; free of inhibitors


The innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi DNA Kit has been specially developed for isolating genomic DNA from gram+ bacteria, fungal spores and yeasts. The extraction protocol combines two steps: rapid homogenization of these hard-to-access starting materials, and efficient digestion of microbial cell walls in specially developed Lysis Tubes (using a SpeedMill or other homogenizer). The material is first broken down mechanically and then subjected to thermal and enzymatic lysis. The DNA is then selectively bound to the surface of a Spin Filter membrane, a step that is followed first by wash steps to remove inhibitors, and then by addition of a low-salt buffer to separate bound DNA from the membrane.

Detail Description

1. Homogenize and lyse the starting material
2. Bind the DNA to the Spin Filter
3. Wash the bound DNA
4. Perform final elution
A260 : A2801.7 - 2.0
Starting material for extractionGram+ bacteria (max. 1 × 109)
ƒƒFungal spores
ƒƒYeasts (max. 1 × 109)
Ø Yield

Depends on the type and quantity of the starting material used; up to 30 µg

Binding capacityColumn binding capacity: > 30 µg DNA
Duration of extractionHomogenization and lysis: approx. 30 – 45 minutes
ƒƒPurification: approx. 12 minutes
Lysis Tubes  
Tube sizeNA
Weight incl. packaging (may differ)0.3 kg
Package height (may differ)10.0 cm
Width of package (may differ)19.0 cm
Length of package (may differ)10.0 cm
DNA-Extraktion aus verschiedenen sporenhaltigen Proben und nachfolgende arbiträr geprimte (AP) PCR. Die Visualisierung der PCR-Produkte erfolgte final auf einem TAE-Agarosegel.

Lane 1: DNA-Leiter
Lane 2 – 9: Fragmentmuster einer arbiträr geprimten (AP) PCR unter Verwendung unterschiedlicher Target-DNA
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Scope of delivery / Kit components

Lysis Tubes S, Lysis Solution, Binding Solution, Proteinase K, Washing Solutions, Elution Buffer, Spin Filter (vanilla), Receiver Tubes, Elution Tubes, user manual

Storage conditions / Stability / Delivery

The innuSPEED Bacteria/Fungi DNA Kit will remain stable for at least 12 months if stored in a dry place at room temperature (14 °C to 25 °C). The recommended storage temperature for lyophilized Proteinase K is 4 °C. Once the Proteinase K has been solubilized, it should be stored in aliquots at –20 °C, because repeated freezing and thawing will significantly reduce its activity.