innuPREP Plant DNA Kit product photo
innuPREP Plant DNA Kit product photo
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innuPREP Plant DNA Kit

3-Lysis-Buffer system for maximum flexibility

Ordernumber: 845-KS-1060050
Manufacturer: AJ Innuscreen GmbH
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Product Information


  • Isolation of highly pure DNA free of plant inhibitors and secondary metabolic products
  • High yields from up to 180 mg starting material
  • Get rid of specialized kits: Three-Lysis Buffer System for ideal adaption to different plants and their constituent parts
  • Specific guidelines and recommendations for homogenization according to kind of sample
  • Tested for fresh or frozen plant sample (including dry archived material)
  • Perfect preparation conditions for leafs, wood, seeds, needles, fruits and much more
  • Including prefilters for clearing the lysate


The innuPREP Plant DNA Kit has been specially developed for quickly and easily isolating DNA from an extremely wide variety of plant starting materials (such as leaves, stems, roots, flowers, wood, seeds, fruits etc.). The novel Three-Lysis Buffer System (based on e.g. CTAB or SDS lysis) allows perfect adaption to an kind of plant and their constituent parts. In addition to efficient sample lysis, the extraction routine also includes a prefiltration step to effectively minimize unlysed plant components and to clarify the lysate. The DNA is then bound to a Spin Filter column using an optimized Binding Buffer, after which it is washed and then eluted in a separate Elution Tube. The extracted nucleic acid is then immediately available for a number of downstream applications and can be stored for future use without any trouble.

Detail Description

1. Homogenize and lyse the plant material; follow with a prefiltration step (use Prefilter)
2. Bind the DNA to the Spin Filter
3. Wash the bound DNA
4. Elute the DNA
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DistributorAnalytik Jena AG
ManufacturerAJ Innuscreen GmbH
A260 : A2801.7 - 2.0
Starting material for extraction
  • Various plant materials e.g. wood, seed, needles, fruits etc.
  • Up to 100 mg dry weight or up to 180 mg wet weigth
  • Fresh, frozen or dried plant samples
Ø Yield
  • Depends on the type and starting quantity of the plant material
  • Approx. 3 – 25 µg
Binding capacity> 50 µg genomic DNA
Elution volume1 – 2times of 100 – 200 µl Elution Buffer
Duration of extractionApprox. 30 to 40 minutes
BasisFilter membrane
HandlingManual processing of Spin Filter columns
Storage / Stability of extraction kit12 month at room temperature (14 °C – 25 °C)
Weight incl. packaging (may differ)0.8 kg
Package height (may differ)15.0 cm
Width of package (may differ)30.0 cm
Length of package (may differ)17.0 cm
DNA extraction from rice seed
Plant DNA was isolated from rice. The purified DNA was analysed by plant specific Real-Time PCR.

Left: Amplification plot of real-time PCR for detection of a plant specific target gene using three different lysis buffer for extraction of DNA from rice. Lysis Buffer CBV (black), OPT (blue) and SLS (red).

Lysis Buffer
Ø Ct value
Items delivered

Scope of delivery / Kit components

Lysis Solution, Binding Solution, Precipitation Buffer P, Washing Solutions, Elution Buffer, Prefilter (lavender), Spin Filter (green), Receiver Tubes, Elution Tubes, user manual

Storage conditions / Stability / Delivery

The innuPREP Plant DNA Kit will remain stable for at least 12 months if stored in a dry place at room temperature (14 °C to 25 °C). The recommended storage temperature for lyophilized Proteinase K is 4 °C. Once the Proteinase K has been solubilized, it should be stored in aliquots at –20 °C, because repeated freezing and thawing will significantly reduce its activity.