innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit-IPC16 (MDX) product photo
innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit-IPC16 (MDX) product photo
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innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit-IPC16 (MDX)

Ordernumber: 845-IPP-1016016
Manufacturer: AJ Innuscreen GmbH
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Not available in Austria!

  • Fully automated DNA extraction from up to 200 µL of whole blood (fresh or frozen)
  • Up to 16 samples can be processed in parallel using the InnuPure® C16
  • ƒƒPrevents potential cross-contamination thanks to prefilled, sealed Reagent Strips/Plates
  • ƒƒDNA isolation based on well-established magnetic particle separation principle
  • IvD certified


The innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit-IPC16 can be used for isolating genomic DNA from up to 200 µL of whole blood. The samples used can be fresh or frozen, and stabilized in either EDTA or citrate. When performed on the InnuPure® C16, extraction is fully automated, yielding highly reproducible results for all 16 samples. The InnuPure® C16 performs all of the processing for lysis, for subsequent isolation steps and for final elution. In addition to pre-filled, sealed Reagent Strips/Plates that reduce manual pipetting steps, the InnuPure® C16 also includes a piercing feature and intelligent tip ejection system that minimize the risk of cross-contamination. The resulting, high-quality DNA is immediately available for additional applications or for storage.

Detail Description

1. Starting material is automatically lysed
2. DNA is automatically bound to magnetic particles
3. Bound DNA is automatically washed
4. DNA is automatically eluted
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DistributorAnalytik Jena AG
ManufacturerAJ Innuscreen GmbH
A260 : A2801.8 - 2.0
Starting material for extractionFresh or frozen whole blood (up to 200 µL), stabilized in EDTA or citrate
Ø YieldDepends on the type and quality of the starting material
ƒƒWhole blood samples: up to 10 µg
Duration of extractionLysis: internal
InnuPure® C16 protocol: approx. 75 minutes
Weight incl. packaging (may differ)0.6 kg
Package height (may differ)11.0 cm
Width of package (may differ)20.0 cm
Length of package (may differ)15.0 cm
The InnuPure® C16 and innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit-IPC16 were used for isolating genomic DNA from 16 whole blood samples. Two Reagent Plates were processed in parallel for this experiment. The extracted DNA was then visualized on a 1.5% TBE agarose gel.
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Scope of delivery / Kit components

Proteinase K, prefilled Reagent Strips and/or Plates, tips, elution tubes, user manual

Storage conditions / Stability / Delivery

The innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit-IPC16 will remain stable for at least 6 months if stored in a dry place at room temperature (14°C– 25°C). The recommended storage temperature for lyophilized proteinase K is 4°C. Once the proteinase K has been solubilized, it should be stored in aliquots at –20°C, because repeated freezing and thawing will significantly reduce its activity.