innuSPEED Tissue DNA Kit product photo
innuSPEED Tissue DNA Kit product photo
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innuSPEED Tissue DNA Kit

Ordernumber: 845-KS-1540010
Manufacturer: AJ Innuscreen GmbH
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Product Information


  • Optimized for fast, efficient extraction of genomic DNA from a variety of different starting materials
  • For tissue samples, bioptates, specimens from museums and archives, dried samples, insects and rodent tails, or other cartilaginous material
  • Includes a homogenization step using Lysis Tubes (included in kit) with specialized beads
  • ƒƒOptimized for use with homogenizers (such as the SpeedMill)


The innuSPEED Tissue DNA Kit has been specially designed for using homogenizers in the process of isolating genomic DNA from an exceptionally wide variety of starting materials. The SpeedMill from Analytik Jena (or other homogenizer) serves as an efficient tool for disrupting various materials using the Lysis Tubes contained in the kit, as well as rapidly accelerated beads that have been adapted to this purpose. A precipitation step is then performed to remove all tissue proteins in the lysate, after which the genomic DNA is bound to a Spin Filter column. Samples are then washed to remove residual inhibitors; the final DNA elution is performed in up to 200 µl Elution Buffer.

Detail Description

1. Homogenize and lyse the tissue sample
2. Bind the gDNA to the Spin Filter column
3. Wash the bound DNA
4. Perform final elution
A260 : A2801.7 - 2.0
Starting material for extractionTissue samples of up to 50 mg
ƒƒRodent tails or other cartilaginous material
ƒƒSamples from museums or archives; dried samples
Ø YieldDepends on the type and quantity of the starting material
ƒƒUp to 100 µg
Binding capacityColumn binding capacity: > 100 µg DNA
Duration of extractionHomogenization and lysis: 35 minutes
ƒƒPurification: approx. 10 minutes
Lysis Tubes  
Tube sizeNA
Weight incl. packaging (may differ)0.3 kg
Package height (may differ)10.0 cm
Width of package (may differ)19.0 cm
Length of package (may differ)10.0 cm

Extraction of genomic DNA from a variety of different tissue samples. The nucleic acids were then visualized on an 0.8 % TAE agarose gel.

Lane 1, 6, 11 and 16: DNA ladder
Lane 2 – 5: DNA from 0.5 cm of mouse tail
Lane 7 – 10: DNA from 20 mg lung
Lane 12 – 15: DNA from 20 mg liver
Lane 17 – 20: DNA from 20 mg kidney
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Scope of delivery / Kit components

Lysis Tubes P, Lysis Solution, Precipitation Buffer, Proteinase K, Washing Solutions, Elution Buffer, Spin Filter (blue), Receiver Tubes, user manual

Storage conditions / Stability / Delivery

The innuSPEED Tissue DNA Kit will remain stable for at least 12 months if stored in a dry place at room temperature (14 °C to 25 °C). The recommended storage temperature for lyophilized Proteinase K is 4 °C. Once the Proteinase K has been solubilized, it should be stored in aliquots at –20 °C, because repeated freezing and thawing will significantly reduce its activity.